God’s Very Heart

17 November 2020

There is only one place in the New Testament where Jesus tells us directly about His own heart. Matt 11v29. “I am gentle and lowly in heart”. Jesus is simply stating this is who I am, this is my very nature, my truest reality. When the Bible speaks of the heart, New or Old Testament, it is talking about the centre of a person. In other-words their heart defines and directs them in all they do, it is who they are. Jesus discloses His heart as “gentle”  meek and humble, not harsh or reactionary. In other words the posture most true of him, is not a wagging finger but wide open arms. He is also “lowly” or tender and available. Jesus says for those who come to me there are no tests to pass or mountains to climb. Gentle and lowly is the heart of Jesus to anyone who comes to Him.