Change is Inevitable but Transformation is Optional

15 January 2021

As we embrace each season we must become clearer about one thing, Gods’ kind intentions. Every season invites us to discovery. The big questions must become: Who are you becoming for me God? or what aspect of your nature and character are you seeking to reveal during this time? Every season has an invitation from Heaven to find Jesus as our treasure even if we are surrounded by trash. Hidden in every problem is a promise, submerged in every trauma is a triumph and every adversity is simply pointing to the doorway to Gods Glory. When we think like this every season is filled with possibility. Jesus demonstrates this; Jesus who descended took captivity captive, He predetermined the outcome deciding if He had to go “there” He wouldn’t leave empty handed; Ps49v15; 86v13; 89v48; Eph 4.

Every season carries upgrades to our revelation and fellowship with the Lord. It helps when we understand the enemy is not after the temporal but eternal. He comes to steal our our Faith hope and love but God offers an alternative. His kind intention is to upgrade in every situation. In fact circumstance has an attachment which invites us to expand our faith, strengthen our hope and deepen our love. We decide the outcome. Change is inevitable however disruptive or disorientating its here to stay. Transformation however is optional. Whatever we do, let’s not leave this season empty handed.

Rom 8v28; And we know that in all things (every season) God works for the good those who love Him (upgraded fellowship and revelation) who have been called to His purpose (expansive faith, robust hope and deeper love) (emphasis added)